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Punk Rock Jesus 3 Review. Sean Murphy comic book. Punk Rock Jesus 3 Short VersionPunk Rock Jesus #3 is a lot faster than the first two issues of the series (both of which I loved, by the way). Sean Murphy has the characters set up and things get fast-forwarded more than a little bit, but Punk Rock Jesus #3 is never hard to follow and has a jaw-dropper of an ending. I really can’t recommend this series enough

Punk Rock Jesus 3 Story and Art: Sean Murphy

Punk Rock Jesus 3 enters the half-way point of Sean Murphy’s series about a young clone of Jesus being raised on a reality show. As we pick back up, things are deteriorating rather badly on the J2 reality show, with discord stirring, as the cast and crew, essentially being prisoners, continue to reach their breaking point. In an effort to keep things under control, sleaziest-executive-ever Slate agrees to late Chris attend public school in exchange for an agreement to stop interfering with his life. Ratings skyrocket, but Slate can’t stay out of Chris’s life for very long. Through all of the pressure and meddling, we start to see Chris coming together as a person, as happens to so many people during their teenage years. Having been held down for so long, he finally starts to fight back in Punk Rock Jesus 3. Chris’s mother Gwen also has a rather revelatory moment that appears to answer one of the big questions of the series, and certainly results in a pretty great ending. Punk Rock Jesus 3 is the best issue yet of what is easily one of my favorite books on the market right now.

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