Prison Architect alpha launched by Introversion, pre-orders commence

Prison Architect is easily one of my most anticipated video games right now, especially since Introversion Software’s stellar track record includes Uplink, DEFCON,  Darwinia, and Multiwinia. While the amount of information about Prison Architect has picked up considerably the last couple of months, Introversion announced yesterday that Prison Architect is officially in Alpha. So how do you get to try out the new prison-building simulation (which looks to be in the vein of Theme Hospital and the like)? Why, you go over to the official Prisoner Architect web page, where you can purchase a copy of the game, as well as get instant alpha access for $30. Beyond that, you can get all four of Introversion’s previous releases for only $10 extra or – if you’d like to toss in even more money – you can get your face in the game as one of the prisoners, design one of the wardens, or get your name in the game. I was a huge fan of Theme Hospital and Dungeon Keeper growing up, so it’s exciting to see new entries into a genre that, frankly, hasn’t really seen the support it deserves over the last several years. In Prison Architect you construct your maximum security prison through the familiar top-down building mode and try to keep all of your prisoners in line.

So, are you thinking about grabbing the Prison Architect alpha? Have you been keeping up with the game? Talk about it in the comments!

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27. September 2012 by Michael
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