Masks and Mobsters 2 Review: Enter the robots

Masks and Mobsters 2 comic book from Monkeybrain Comics, Joshua Williamson, and Mike HendersonMasks and Mobsters 2 Review Short Version: Masks and Mobsters 2 picks up after the sudden death of Doctor Daylight at the end of the first issue. It’s a slower issue, but the payoff at the end is totally worth it. I hate having to rate comics, but Masks and Mobsters 2 reinforces that this is one of my favorite comics on the market, digital or otherwise right now. Williamson and Henderson have this thing working perfectly and, while it may be a short read, Masks and Mobsters deserves a spot on your virtual pull lists.

Masks and Mobsters 2 Writer: Joshua Williamson

Masks and Mobsters 2 Artist: Mike Henderson

Masks and Mobsters 2 is another great issue in the new Monkeybrain Comics series from Joshua Williamson and Mike Henderson about a noir world where mobsters struggle against a bunch of masks (who are making their life difficult) for control of the city. One of the city’s heroes, Doctor Daylight, was killed in the first issue, but we’ve already established that this is a a city overrun with heroes. However, where there are heroes, there are also villains and Masks and Mobsters 2 starts to get us to the question (at least for the moment) about who the villains will be. Still, (spoilers) the mobsters are territorial when other bad guys start showing up, particularly a mad scientist type with robots who is attacking a store that is supposed to be under their protection. So,  it looks like we are building towards a battle between a supervillain mobster against a mad scientist with an army of robots. Look, I can respect that everything can’t be for everyone, but I’m pretty sure this is awesome. Masks and Mobsters 2 may not be quite as earth-shattering as the first issue, but it shows that the series has a direction and some ideas up its sleeve beyond the underlying one (which is a great one) along with some action all its own. I’m curious to see when we’ll see some more heroes show up (My guess: next issue. Based on: Absolutely nothing) but, for now, a mobster-robot war sounds pretty great. Masks and Mobsters 2 is available exclusively from Monkeybrain Comics through ComiXology for $.99.

So, now that you’re done checking out the Masks and Mobsters 2 review, what are you enjoying reading right now? What mash-ups would you like to see in comic books? Talk about it in the comments! If you’re finished with the Masks and Mobsters 2 review, why don’t you take a look at the Related Posts below, the Recent Posts in the sidebar, or go to a random post on Futile Position!

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