Hostile Takeover – Laserbrain Studios preps the pre-alpha release

Hostile Takeover. Indie Game. Video game. Christian Knudsen. Laserbrain Studios.This is not the first time I’ve told you all about Hostile Takeover, the stealthy assassin game from Christian Knudsen and Laserbrain Studios, but it’s the first time that I’ve got to check the game out for myself, and I’ve got to say that I’m even more excited than I was before. Mind you, what I played was v.1, a pre-alpha build (which will be available on Laserbrain Studio’s official page soon), so it is still an early version of the game. Who’s to say how much the final verison of Hostile Takeover will resemble the one I got to play, but the premise is still pretty sweet: Basically, Hostile Takeover is a third person, isometric stealth game where you are given tasks to take out various people while, presumably, avoiding the guards, citizens, and other people that would report you. I must say, in my playthrough of the pre-alpha, my approach was not all that stealthy, but there were a lot things that showed some real promise: there was a building next to the one that my target was in that seemed to be set up to let me line up a shot from a long way away instead of slogging through the building, the idea of using the silhouette when you take the time to take aim, allowing you to try and pick your shot based on how the target is moving is already an especially cool system (particularly when you actually get to stealthily line up a shot), you can already see some of the dialogue options coming into play (setting off car alarms to get the secretary to leave, allowing you to gain access to the back room). All around, Hostile Takeover is looking very, very promising. I would strongly encourage you to head over the Laserbrain Studios web page and keep an eye out for the official release of the pre-alpha to try it out for yourself, again, keeping in mind that it is one level of a very early version of the game. I really can’t wait to see how Hostile Takeover develops in the future.

If you’re done checking out my Hostile Takeover pre-alpha impressions, why don’t you go down to the comments and talk about your favorite isometric games. If you’re finished here, you should totally take a look at the Related Posts found below, the Recent Posts in the sidebar, or go to a random post on Futile Position.

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26. September 2012 by Michael
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