Hoax Hunters 3 Review – Jack versus the time monster

Hoax Hunters 3 Review. Hoax Hunters is the comic book series from Michael Moreci, Steve Seeley, and Axel Medellin.Hoax Hunters Review Short Version: Hoax Hunters 3 finds Jack face-to-face with a giant monster after confronting Clive, previously a small time con made his way up to full-blown villain. It’s another solid issue for the series, mixing humor and and some more serious stuff, that reveals Clive’s plan, at least for the immediate future, although it isn’t clear quite yet what he hopes to achieve longterm. 

Hoax Hunters 3 Story: Michael Moreci & Steve Seeley

Hoax Hunters 3 Artist: Axel Medellin

Hoax Hunters 3 finds Jack faced with the slavering beast from the end of the last issue and Ken deals with the cultist who have recently had their heads rather set on fire in what is, frankly, my favorite moment of the issue and – perhaps – the series so far. We also get a nice page of the Hoax Hunters doing their job in Hoax Hunters 3, which is a nice reminder that they are out there doing a fake TV show while doing their X-Files style investigations. At the end of Hoax Hunters 3 we find out what Clive’s plan is but we’re still left in the dark as to what end he hopes to accomplish (which is fine for this point in the arc, obviously). Hoax Hunters 3 pushes the story forward nicely, adding a few twists, but always propelling things in the right direction. Clive definitely has the upper hand as the issue wraps up, managing to get what he needs for his final ritual to accomplish whatever shady ends he has in mind.

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