Happy! 1 Comic Book Review – Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson

Happy! #1 Comic Book Review. Grant Morrison, Darick Robertson, Image Comics.Happy! 1 Review Short Version:  Happy! 1 introduces us to Nick Sax and the dirty, mob-run world that he inhabits as a former detective turned mercenary. Sax is a grizzled, all business type until an injury leaves him seeing a tiny, flying blue horse that may be his only chance to get out of the mess he is in alive. Yeah, it’s good. 

Happy! 1 Writer: Grant Morrison

Happy! 1 Artist: Darick Robertson

Happy #1 is the first issue of a four part mini-series from comic book luminary Grant Morrison. I think it’s fair to say that Morrison’s career has covered a pretty wide swath of styles and subjects, but Happy! is already shaping up to be another unique, interesting read. In Happy! 1 we meet Nick Sax, a former detective who had everything who is now a mercenary for hire. You get the sense that he’s good at what he does but (Spoilers) when everyone believe that he learns the password to a secret mob fortune he goes to the top of everyone’s hit list. After suffering some grievous injuries in a gun fight, as one is wont to do, Sax finds himself dealing with a possibly imaginary cartoon bluebird-horse who wants to save its friend that offers the grizzled merc his only way out.

I’m sorry, if you stuck through that little spoiler-y blurb and don’t see why Happy! 1 is amazing, I just don’t really have much to offer you here. It’s well written, violent, weird, and just looks to be a great idea executed perfectly. Darick Robertson does a great job in the art duties, bringing dark, violent world of Happy! to life. You should probably know that there’s a ton of swearing in Happy! 1, as well as a lot of ‘adult themes’, so I guess you should steer clear if that stuff offends you. If not, you really should be reading Happy! 1.

If you’re done checking out the Happy! 1 review, why don’t you talk about it down in the comments and let me know if you enjoyed it as much as I did. Once you’re finished, why don’t you take a look at the Related Posts below, the Recent Posts in the sidebar, or go to a random post on Futile Position.

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