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Godzilla Half Century War 2 Review - James Stokoe.Godzilla: Half Century War 2 Review Short Version: Godzilla: Half Century War 2 continues our story of a small group of Japanese soldiers tasked with trying to stop Godzilla. Years after the initial issue, Godzilla: Half Century War 2 finds the soldiers having learned to predict Godzilla like a natural disaster, but now he’s on the hunt and they need to know for what. As great as the first issue of the series was, this one is even better. We get a second monster to deal with, but the story stays rooted on the people and how it must feel to be dealing with a monstrous, irradiated natural disaster. Godzilla: Half Century War is fantasti

c Godzilla: Half Century War 2 Writer & Artist: James Stokoe

Godzilla: Half Century War 2 Review Godzilla: Half Century War 2 continues to follow a group of Japanese soldiers who have been tasked with tracking Godzilla and figuring out a way to disable the giant monster. The problem: As of right now, it appears that Godzilla is, essentially, invincible. Still, Ota and company have found a way to track the beast in Godzilla: Half Century War 2 and are now treating it like a natural disaster, a nice touch of how things might happen in the real world. Still, they haven’t given up hope in destroying the monster and, instead, have brought in an eccentric scientist to make experimental weapons (all of which somewhat inexplicably have drills attached) to try and harm the monster. Still, getting the cooperation of other militaries is a problem and there is an even bigger problem to deal with: Godzilla has changed his pattern and has left Japan for the first time, as if it is hunting something. I can’t even tell you how much I enjoyed Godzilla: Half Century War 2. It’s well-written, told from a unique perspective, and really belongs in the collection of anyone that is at least tangentially interested in Godzilla.

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