Fables 121 Review

Fables 121 Review - Bill Willingham, Mark Buckingham, Cubs in Toyland Chapter 8.Fables 121 Review Short Version: Fables 121 is the finale of the Cubs in Toyland, 8-part series. Honestly, most of the action happened last issue, with this one mainly serving to wrap up the arc with how the remaining cub deals with the loss of her brother and some implications at the end as to how the events will affect the Fables world going forward. We start a new storyline next month, but I thought this one was pretty fantastic and ends up with a world that is different than the one we had when all of this started.

Fables 121 Writer: Bill Willingham

Fables 121 Artist: Mark Buckingham

Fables 121 Review

Fables 121, part eight of the Cubs in Toyland arc, and the finale, shows us how Therese is dealing with the loss of her brother and how she matures into a very different character than the one that we had at the beginning of Cubs in Toyland. Very different. Honestly Fables 121 is a slower issue than the ones that have preceded it, lacking much of the brutality and the last pages surprises, but it really exists so that Therese and the toys can take their new place in the Fables world. Cubs in Toyland has been a very good arc and really shows off why Fables can run as long as it has without running out of ideas: There is such a huge depth of characters and when you think you have seen them all, Willingham brings someone else to the forefront. Fables 121 will have implications in the Fables universe for the foreseeable future.

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