Coriolis Defect RPG – If at first you don’t succeed, rewind time

Coriolis Defect RPG - A time travel RPG from Jay Little and Painted Thumb PublishingThe Coriolis Defect RPG is on Kickstarter right now from Jay Little and Painted Thumb Publishing, if you’d like to take a look. 

Coriolis Defect is a roleplaying game from designer Jay Little, and several other veteran RPG designers, from Painted Thumb Publishing that has a unique take on what happens when the PCs fail at a task: they just rewind time. Yep, in The Coriolis Defect, the players have been granted the ability to rewind time, even doing so multiple times until they succeed at a task. If you’re first reaction is anything like mine it is, ‘Well, how in the world are you supposed to maintain any sort of challenge then?” Easy, the further back the players go to rewind time (say the mistake they made was at the beginning of a heist) or the more times they loop time the greater the chance that something goes wrong, including the character’s abilities eroding over the course of the adventure or ‘Quirks’ occurring in the timestream as a result of the characters’ meddling, resulting in changes to the PCs both major and minor. I can certainly see some unique story telling activities occurring from the theme of The Coriolis Defect that I – at least – haven’t explored previously. The Coriolis Defect is being Kickstarter as a 176 page, full color 6″ x 9″ book, with additional content planned if the project beats its $20,000.00 base goal. If you’re interested in more information about The Coriolis Defect you should check  out the Kickstarter page or go the the official The Coriolis Defect web page.

IUf you’re done taking a look at The Coriolis Defect, I’d love to hear your adventures in RPG time travel in the comments! If you’re finished checking out The Coriolis Defect, why don’t you take a look at the Related Posts below, the Recent Posts in the sidebar, or go to a random post on Futile Position.

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12. September 2012 by Michael
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