Comic Book Review: Walking Dead #102

Walking Dead 102 Review. Walking Dead 102 Review Short Version: Walking Dead 102 finds the survivors left facing what appears to be insurmountable odds after taking a prisoner from Negan’s gang. Despite holding a hostage, the survivors are still badly outnumbered and Rick is left with a difficult decision: Does he continue to fight and put lives in danger or does he give in to Negan’s demands to live to fight another day. This is another good issue, with Rick facing a tough decision and dealing with what it means to be a leader. It’s pretty dialogue-heavy, but that is necessary as Rick tries to deal with how to move forward and best protect the people that he has brought so far.

Walking Dead 102 Writer: Robert Kirkman

Walking Dead 102 Artist: Charlie Adlard

Walking Dead 102 Review

Walking Dead 102 asks the question of what it means to be a leader? Is it doing what is popular or, sometimes, is it doing what is unpopular to protect those you lead? Rick is faced with the decision after Negan’s recent attacks, leaving it plain that the survivors are outnumbered and outmatched by the sociopathic Negan’s larger army. Rick is faced with a crossroads: Is it more important to fight or is it more important to survive? It’s a very good issue that develops Rick nicely and shows how the series will progress going forward.

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