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Chew 28 Review. Comic Book Review. John Layman, Rob Guillory, and Image Comics.Chew 28 Review Short Version
: Chew 28, Part 3 of 5 of Space Cakes, finds Caesar and John Colby teaming up in an attempt to find one of the world’s foremost genetic engineers before both of them get fired. Of course, this is Chew we’re talking about, so things are substantially …  zanier than all that. I especially enjoyed watching Guillory get to stretch his artistic wings a little in this issue thanks to some hallucinations from Tony. It’s a fun read, especially if you enjoy a lot of the off-the-wall stuff (I do). 

Chew 28 Writer: John Layman

Chew 28 Artist: Rob Guillory

Chew 28 finds Tony still in the hospital and John and Caesar left with no choice but to team up in order to find the geneticist responsible for accidentally creating a gene that causes spoiled cow meat to explode. And that is one of the more normal things about Chew 28. Poyo’s here too, of course, and where ever Poyo goes you know that there’s a bloodbath waiting to happen. Guillory’s illustrations of Tony’s hallucinations during the issue are fantastic but, more than anything, there’s something more to this issue than the chaos and violence (although there’s that, as well): There’s the fact that John is barely competent without Tony working with him (and maybe not even that). There’s a big underscore on the fact that he needs a counterbalance, and a homicidal robot bird just doesn’t quite serve that role. So, as much as Caesar and John feel like they’ve got this under control, I’m looking forward to seeing things get a lot worse in the next issue after the end of Chew 28.

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