Warhammer Quest for iOS announced, teaser trailer released

Warhammer Quest is going to be released on iOS. Yep, in case you were asleep all day yesterday, Rodeo Games, the Hunters series, and Games Workshop recently revealed that they would be releasing the cult-classic Games Workshop board game Warhammer Quest for iOS in 2013 the studio behind. This enthralls me, because I never got to play Warhammer Quest when it first came out back in 1995. There was not a thriving Warhammer scene (at least to the best of my knowledge) in my middle-sized town in western Kentucky at that time, and I’m not sure I had ever even heard of Warhammer, much less Warhammer Quest, which is considered by many to be a superior version of Milton Bradley’s 1989 Hero Quest (which I did own, along with several of the expansions and loved dearly – although it is my understanding that Hero Quest was different insofar as it was competitive against a GM, making it a different experience from Warhammer Quest).

That being the case, I am really excited to see Games Workshop announce Warhammer Quest for iOS. So what was Warhammer Quest? Well, basically, it was an adventure board game where each player controlled one of four heroes as they made their way through a dungeon trying to amass gold. Although, according to information from the folks at HookshotInc, the new version will use experience instead of gold to allow players to level up. Warhammer Quest for iOS will also initially be single player (with one player controlling all four heroes, instead of cooperative) and will graphically display character upgrades on the characters in the game. I’m a little disappointed that the Warhammer Quest iOS version from Games Workshop and Rodeo Games will be single-player only, but I’m pretty excited to finally get to try the game in any form, since Warhammer Quest has become prohibitively expensive over the years. Warhammer Quest for iOS will, at least, fix that problem when it is released in 2013, although we do not have a price point for it yet. My other hope? That Warhammer Quest for iOS is a precursor to a re-release in cardboard form.
What about you all? Have you played Warhammer Quest? What are your favorite dungeon crawlers? Do you think it will translate well to iOS? Are you okay with it being single-player only? Would adding multiplayer sell you on the game? Stock up on rations and head deep into the comments.

[Via: The Verge]

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