Walking Dead #101 Review – The new order

Walking Dead #101 from Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, Image Comics, and Skybound Entertainment Review Short Version: In Walking Dead #100, Robert Kirkman set out a new order to the world of what may well be the comic of a generation. In Walking Dead #101, we see how Rick reacts to the rise of Negan as, essentially, his nemesis. A human problem for the beginnings of the post-zombie world. There will be more bloodshed by the end of this, but it’s a nice rebound to see Rick back on his feet and acting. 

Walking Dead #101 Writer: Robert Kirkman

Walking Dead #101 Artist: Charlie Adlard

As of Walking Dead #101 we know that Negan, the leader of the gang called the Saviors, is the biggest threat to Rick and his band of survivors. In the end, humans have an edge on the zombies, and Walking Dead entered its post-zombie phase with emphasis in the issue 100. Now, in Walking Dead #101 we get to see how Rick reacts, and I’m glad to see that it is strongly. Rick and his crew have been through too much to just lay down, even after the devastating loss in the last issue. Sure they fight for a bit and there’s some well justified anger, especially from Maggie, but they all know that they have to move on eventually. Walking Dead #101 may be a bit slower than issue 100, but it is no worse for it, showing that Walking Dead is often just as good when it is dealing with the characters’ very real reactions to the impossible situations they are put into. The humanity of Robert Kirkman’s characters is really the key to the whole series, and shines through in Walking Dead #101. Negan may have gotten the best of the survivors temporarily, but they’re a long way from being out. Watching the fight with Negan develop is going to be a lot of fun, and the end of Walking Dead #101 gets the ball rolling in that direction (check out below if you are wondering about that). Walking Dead #101 is a great read throughout, highlighted by some really impressive character work. Walking Dead #101 is available now from your local comic book shop or from ComiXology for $2.99.

Have you all been keeping up with Walking Dead? Do you like the new direction? Why do you think Kirkman’s creation has been able to hang on to its popularity even as we start to see zombies starting to wane as a trend? Shamble down to the comments and discuss!

Spoilers lie below here. Do not enter.


Okay, so I’ve had a bunch of people come here looking for who it is that Rick and the crew have hostage at the end of Walking Dead #101. That guy is Dwight, one of the Saviors (Negan’s gang) who has had previous dealings with Rick and company. So there you go!

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