Underground Kingdom: Beautiful interactive book for iOS

Underground Kingdom from Visual Baker - An Image from the KickstarterNot strictly a game, I admit, but the art in Underground Kingdom – the relaunch of a story originally part of the Choose Your Own Adventure Series – was too good for me to not bring this to your attention. It is currently on Kickstarter from Visual Baker.

As someone that was born in the early part of the 1980’s, I was very familiar with the Choose Your Own Adventure line of books. In fact, I remember have several Mario Bros. themed books that were likely not branded as such, but were very much in that vein. In any case, Visual Bakers has consulted with original Choose Your Own Adventure author Edward Packard, who wrote many of the original books (over 50), and got access to several of his works, most notably Underground Kingdom, which is being re-released as the first of a new line of interactive gamebooks for iOS. This is really a great idea, since Choose Your Own Adventure-style books really seem like they were made for iOS devices, especially the iPad. If that were the whole story, I probably wouldn’t be writing about it, but Underground Kingdom is just stunning to look at. Underground Kingdom itself will feature 50 (!) interactive, full-color pictures from “Karla” (no last name given for the Underground Kingdom artist), the illustrator from Visual Bakers. It really makes Underground Kingdom pop, with some nice, vibrant colors and a distinct art style that may be at odds with the original, somewhat dark tone of the original Choose Your Own Adventure books that we all remember, but will certainly catch the eyes of modern audiences much better. Underground Kingdom is set to be followed by interactive gamebook versions of Hyperspace, Invaders from Within, Survival at Sea and Dinosaur Island, all original Choose Your Own Adventure books being remade for iPhone and iPad. If you would like more information, you can check out Underground Kingdom on Kickstarter as well as the Visual Baker Facebook page.

Does everyone still remember the Choose Your Own Adventure books? It looks like there’s a bit of a resurgence. Are you interested ir do you think the idea is past it’s prime? Talk about it below!

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16. August 2012 by Michael
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