Under the Ocean game Alpha from Michael Reitzen and FarmerGnome

The first Alpha for the Under the Ocean indie game, a currently in development survival game, was released yesterday. You can check out the most recent dev log above, which shows some of the game at play. You can see Under the Ocean in motion, and – after playing the Under the Ocean Alpha – I can confirm that, even in its first release, Under the Ocean is a very pretty game. It has a soothing quality, with a cool (as in warm colors/cool colors) color scheme, and some very fluid animations. The music is already great, as well, all soothing pianos and whatnot, I dig it.

Under the Ocean itself is already pretty fascinating, especially for a first release. Upon opening Under the Ocean, I found myself swimming through the water, which works quite intuitively, and made my way to land, where I eventually figured out how to drag things to my inventory. Pretty soon, I had an axe (which I used to chop down a tree and, subsequently, kill a crab), a couple of mushrooms (which I ate to keep my Hunger bar full), and some flint, which you can combine with kindling to make a fire.

I also found a glowing butterfly that, when held, provided a neat glowing light around me. I also found a chicken, but it go away from me. I assume I could have cooked and eaten it if I had caught it. Under the Ocean itself is going to concentrate on survival aspects, having to find things to stay fed and a crafting system. Under the Ocean is still in an early Alpha form (although very nice for that), and the controls definitely take some getting used to (clicking and dragging items to combine them and put them into your inventory, in particular), but this is a really promising game. I love games that are about discovering the world the devs have made, and Under the Ocean definitely fits that bill. I’m excited to see how it develops over time, for sure. You can check out the official Under the Ocean game site if you would like to order the game (it costs $5 and includes access to the Alpha) or the TIGSource Under the Ocean indie game dev diary to follow along with the development.

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01. August 2012 by Michael
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  1. It’s great.I’m playing it.Only one thing.How do I eat?

    • Hey, thanks for checking out the site! The way I’ve found to eat is to have food in your inventory (just drag a tomato up into the bar at the top), right click on your character, which should zoom in on him, then drag the tomato or whatever into the ‘Eat’ area (it turns green when you are in the right area). Mushrooms, despite being listed as edible, do not appear to be able to be eaten raw. Hope that helps.

      • Thankyou!That’s very helpful.When I eat though my bars don’t seem to change.

        • The only bar that changes when you eat is the Hunger bar (if it is low at that time), I believe. Make sure that when you are eating, you move the pointer to where the “Eat” circle turns green while you are dragging the tomato. I just tried it out and my Hunger bar went away. It is the first Alpha release, so some problems are inevitable. If you think you have a bug, I would go report it to the devs on the official forums. Thanks again!

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