The Resistance: Avalon takes Resistance to the past

The Resistance: Avalon is a new sequel to The Resistance from Don Eskridge and Indie Boards and CardsThe Resistance: Avalon is a sequel to The Resistance card game, a take on the Mafia/Werewolf part game that is up on Kickstarter now. You can go directly there.

The Resistance: Avalon from Don Eskridge, designer of the original The Resistance card game, and Indie Boards and Cards (the publisher, natch) is the sequel to The Resistance, a card game based on the old Mafia/Werewolf party game where players try to deduce who is which side of a conflict between the players of the game, all of whom are dealing with hidden information. Of note, The Resistance was meant to play in a much shorter time than the traditional version of the game, and did not feature player elimination, a hallmark of the game, generally. The Resistance: Avalon has been in playtesting for approximately a year and changes the game’s setting to a fantasy world and features a struggle of good versus evil. The Resistance: Avalon does not require a copy of The Resistance (although it is compatible) and now features a game where all of the characters have special abilities, including a good player that knows who all of the evil characters are, but can’t tell because the evil characters may be able to identify that player at the end of the game, giving them the win. It’s a neat twist on the well-known genre from Don Eskridge and Indie Board and Cards and looks like a promising take on the game for those that have worn out their original copy of The Resistance, or just Werewolf/Mafia generally. A copy of The Resistance: Avalon from Don Eskridge and Indie Boards and Cards costs $20 through the Kickstarter campaign, or you can get it along with a copy of Flash Point (which had its own super-popular Kickstarter) or get a second shot at the promo items for Flash Point. Did you all play The Resistance?

What do you think of the idea of a sequel? I’m concerned the theme change may make it a harder sell for non gamers. Or not since Werewolf is so popular. Thoughts? Talk about it below!

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15. August 2012 by Michael
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