Tenra Bansho Zero – An RPG Translation 7 years in the making

Tenra Bansho Zero RPG ickstarter from Andy KitkowskiTenra Bansho Zero is currently on Kickstarter.

Tenra Bansho Zero is a roleplaying game by Manga artist Jun’ichi Inoue originally designed in Japan approximately a decade ago. However, about seven years ago Andy Kitkowski set himself to translating to bring Tenra Bansho Zero to English-speaking audiences. The game is finally ready to be produced, and Kitkowski has turned to Kickstarter to look for the funds to get Tenra Bansho Zero into production. When you look at the stats about Tenra Bansho Zero, you can definitely see why it took so long to get translated: Tenra Bansho Zero is made up of two books that are almost 700 pages in combined-length, a full-color setting book and a black-and-white rules book, containing a total of over 300 pieces of art. The English-language version of Tenra Bansho Zero also contains a lot of the information that was released in later expansions originally included in this first set. The setting for Tenra Bansho Zero is set in a setting that includes, “mecha, sorcery, samurai, geisha, Buddhist monks, cyborgs, annelid-users and more” according to the Kickstarter page.  The game uses six-sided dice and is set up to play through an entire story in one or two sessions, which might make Tenra Bansho Zero fit in that one-shot RPG that has become so coveted over the last few years. While there is an example setting including in the Tenra Bansho Zero rulebook, the game is built to allow each group of players to build their own world interpretation of the setting. Tenra Bansho Zero can currently be ordered on Kickstarter, where a PDF copy only costs $13 (which seems absurd for the amount of content included) and more information can be found on the official English-language Tenra Bansho Zero web page.

Are any of you excited about Tenra Bansho Zero? It is certainly a very nice looking book from what I can see and includes a ton of content. Any other upcoming RPGs you are interested in? Talk about it below.

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