Sudden Death expansion for Blood Bowl Team Manager Announced by Fantasy Flight Games

Blood Bowl Team Manager Sudden Death expansion box. Sudden Death is the first expansion for Blood Bowl Team Manager card game from Fantasy Flight Games. The expansion was originally announced at Gencon, however, information about Sudden Death has recently been posted to Fantasy Flight Games’ web site.  The original Blood Bowl Team Manager was a deck-building game from Fantasy Flight Games set in the Blood Bowl universe (and, hence, in the Warhammer universe) where players tried to build the best possible team over a series of rounds in order to win the game. The original Blood Bowl Team Manager card game featured six of the Blood Bowl races, each of which that started with weak players and competed to have the most fans by the end of the game. The Sudden Death expansion, Fantasy Flight Games announced,  adds three new teams as well as a number of new cards, including Staff Upgrade and Team Upgrade cards that can be used to enhance the existing teams and new highlight and Spike! Magazine cards. Blood Bowl Team Manager Sudden Death also adds new mechanics to the game and includes 122 cards (84 bridge-sized cards and 38 small cards). The original game is fairly well thought of, holding a 7.57 score on BoardGameGeek, so it will be interesting to see what people think of the Blood Bowl Team Manager Sudden Death expansion. There’s no price yet for the expansion, although it does add half-again as many teams to the original game, so it at least appears to be a pretty substantial addition. There is also no release date announced yet for the Blood Bowl Team Manager Sudden Death expansion, although this thread on Board Game Geek citing W. Eric Martin of BoardGameNews, it is scheduled for Q4 2012.

So what do you all think of the Blood Bowl Team Manager Sudden Death expansion? Did you play the original game? Do you like deck building games, generally? Line up down in the comments to discuss.

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27. August 2012 by Michael
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