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The Strategy of War trading card game began its life as a collectable card game. However the game, which is based around real military units, never gained traction. However, now, Travis Johnson of Fadescape Studios has rebooted the game as an expandable, non-collectable card game (like Fantasy Flight Games’ Living Card Games). The newly minted Strategy of War card game Core Battle Set contains 200 total cards, totaling 4 pre-made decks for your $40.00. Fadescape Studios has already planned several expansions for the Strategy of War trading card game as well, including World Wars I and II, Vietnam, Battle of the Bulge, and numerous battle packs which will add new units to the game.

I took a look over the rules for the Strategy of War trading card game, and the game itself looks pretty solid. Most, if not all of the cards in your hand can be used as Resources, so you shouldn’t have a problem getting enough Resources into play to play the cards you want, although you might have a tough time letting a card go, and different types of Assets (cards) become different types of Resources, so playing a Warship as an Resource results in the production of Oil, which you may or may not need. The units you play also have to move around the map (which is a 2 x 2 grid), so there is a spatial element to the Strategy of War trading card game, as well, and units that can hit you attack back. You win the game by capturing both of your opponent’s bases (reducing their health to zero). There are cards other than units, as well. Some cards let you attach conditions to spaces in the battlefield, while others let you add equipment to your existing units. It’s hard to say how the movement around the map will play out, but it looks like it should add an extra layer to the strategy of the game.

If you would like more information, you can check out the official Strategy of War trading card game web page from Fadescape Studios and Travis Johnson, the Strategy of War Board Game Geek page, as well as the Strategy of War Kickstarter page. The official Strategy of War web site indicates that two of the decks will be available to try out as print-and-play soon, as well, so if you’re interested but want to see how the game plays first, you’ll get your chance.

Does giving out or selling a print and play version strongly incentivize anyone else? It’s a huge selling point for me. Do you like the real world military theme? Talk about it below!

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