Review: Thoughts on a Winter Morning by Kurt Busiek

Thoughts on a Winter Morning by Kurt Busiek CoverShort Version: Thoughts on a Winter Morning by Kurt Busiek is a reflection piece from Busiek, whose credits list is far too long to go about here, about Busiek thinking about how the world looks as a child versus how it looks as an adult after the birth of his daughter in 1998. It’s a nice memoir piece told without undue sentimentality with extremely nice art from Steve Lieber, whose blue-on-blue palette matches the theme perfectly.

Thoughts on a Winter Morning Writer: Kurt Busiek

Thoughts on a Winter Morning Artist: Steve Lieber

Thoughts on a Winter Morning from Kurt Busiek is interesting at the outset because it is the type of short (10 pages), one-off, hyper-personal story that probably couldn’t have been distributed for the internet. However, I hear that we have the internet now and Monkeybrain Comics decided to bring Busiek’s story to us. The story of Thoughts on a Winter Morning, written 10 days after the birth of Busiek’s daughter in 1998 is mostly Busiek reflecting on how he perceived things as a child and how he perceived them as an adult.

Perhaps because the piece was written so close to the event at hand, Thoughts on a Winter Morning also lacks the kind of saccharine quality that you so-often find in memoir pieces. Instead of nostalgic, it is reflective. It is a sentimental story, to be sure, but it is a quieter, more mature kind of sentiment. I read through it twice, and it made me think about my own life and the magical things that I remember as a child that seemed magical to me at the time, but probably weren’t really and how my sons will have similar feelings about the things they experience. Steve Lieber’s art is a wonderful complement to Busiek’s story. He uses a lot of blue-on-blue, which underscores the winter aspect of the story, but also gives Thoughts on a Winter Morning a sort of ‘looking back at a memory’ quality. The whole thing meshes very well. If you are at all interested in comic books of a more personal nature, Thoughts on a Winter Morning is a great pick up for $.99 from Comixology, giving you a personal insight into a creator at a critical time in his life that likely could not have existed before the internet, at least in a readily-available format. Beyond giving you a look into Busiek’s life, Thoughts on a Winter Morning may well provide you with a starting point for thinking about how the passage of time as changed how you see the world, as well.

Anyone have any magical childhood memories that turned out to not be as big as you remembered? For me it was probably going back to Disney World as an adult. Still magical, but not quite the same. I can’t wait for my boys to see it though. Talk about it below!

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