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Infected #1 Comic Book Review Short Version: The Infected #1 comic is a great first issue in the adaptation of Scott Sigler’s novel of the same name from Sigler and Chad Minshew. An extremely well-written and paced biological thriller with some science fiction thrown in, the first issue introduces us to the cast of characters as well as showing us the effects of the infection.

Infected #1 Review WritingScott Sigler and Chad Minshew

Infected #1 Review Art: Chad Minshew

Infected #1 Review

Infected #1 IDW - The Infected #1 Comic Book Cover from Scott Sigler, Chad Minshew and IDW Publishing.Infected #1 is the first issue (natch) of the new four-part comic book mini-series from Scott Sigler and Chad Minshew based on Sigler’s novel of the same name. While I have not read Infected (the novel which is, in itself, the first of a triology), I did read and rather enjoy Sigler’s The Rookie (the first in a series of novels about an alien football league, you can read my review) so I decided I would give this a spin. Obviously, this is a pretty different story than one of an intergalactic football league (although Sigler’s love of football shows up here as well, as he takes a moment later in the issue to show off some football acumen), but the constant is that the writing is just as good here. Infected #1 also looks very nice – Minshew’s art is very good here, especially the detailed settings, which really help bring the comic to life. I also saw the Tennessee Titans’ ‘flaming thumbtack’ in Infected #1 which may, possibly, curry a lot of favor with me.

Infected #1 starts the story of an alien spores that have fallen to Earth which burrow their way into their human host, causing them to become murderous psychopaths. The first issue shows us the effects of these alien infections, as well as the government’s attempts to stop it from spreading any further than necessary (as well as attempting to find a way to stop it).Infected #1 is extraordinarily well-paced, told with the steady heartbeat of a biological thriller, the information constantly unfurling in front of you as you wait for the next shoe to drop. Still, Infected #1 is mostly a set up issue, with Sigler and Minshew getting everything in place, introducing us to our cast of characters, and giving us a good look at the effects of the spores. The art in Infected #1 is, as mentioned, very good and, while the book is violent in parts, it is never excessive, which is really quite refreshing given the level of ultraviolence in some books. Infected #1 is pretty text heavy, but that just gives you more time to spend with the writing, which is a win for you.

If you are at all interested in a biological thriller with a science fiction twist you should really strongly consider picking up Infected #1. I have no idea where it’s going from here, but I’m definitely interested in seeing what happens. Will they learn more about the spores? Why do they make people go crazy? Hopefully we’ll see as Infected continues to develop. Infected #1 is available right now for $3.99.

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02. August 2012 by Michael
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  1. I am thrilled you enjoyed it! Chad really whooped up on that art, it’s beautiful. I hope you enjoy Issue #2 and the rest of it.

  2. Thanks for stopping by! It’s a very nice looking book, indeed (there’s a wide shot of a woman standing in the snow with two silhouetted trees that comes to mind). Definitely looking forward to seeing what comes next.

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