Phatasmaburbia – Ghosts in the suburbs JRPG

Phantasmaburbia - An Earthbound-inspired JRPGPhantasmaburbia is a PC RPG up on Kickstarter right now. You can check it out by clicking here.

Phantasmaburbia is a PC roleplaying game set in the suburbs of a town called Owl Creek, where a group of teenagers must rise up to defend the town against the threat of ghosts and other paranormal ne’er-do-wells after the reincarnation of a powerful demon. Phantasmaburbia is definitely shades of Earthbound, both artistically and in terms of tone from the looks of it. That is far from a bad thing because desipite Earthbound‘s popularity its influence is rarely actually seen in other games in my experience. You can definitely see Phantasmaburbia‘s sense of humor in the images, which show both the whimsical art style of the game, as well as some concept art of a ghost toilet. Which, I mean, yeah.

In any case, Phantamaburbia has been in development for approximately one and a half years and is currently ready to go into Beta testing, although the game is already content complete. The developers of Phantasmaburbia promise that the leveling in the game is on an even curve which doesn’t require grinding (which is always nice, I like JRPG combat, but it wears thin when you have to stand in one spot for hours doing the same thing) as well as puzzles that are intuitive. The developers also note that the battle system in Phantasmaburbia is fast-paced and that while your decisions will not have much effect on the story of the game they will “have ramifications for your characters’ abilities and what dungeons you play,” according to Phantasmaburbia‘s Kickstarter page. If you want more information, feel free to check out the Phantasmaburbia Kickstarter or go check out the demo on IndieDB. A copy of Phantasmaburbia costs $10 and, while no stretch goals have been identified yet, it has already beat its funding request.

Anyone else digging this? I really appreciate the Earthbound vibe. Any games that you are surprised haven’t spawned more imitators? Talk about it below!

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