Bendis talks All-New X-men, First M.A.V. alpha from @BombdogStudios, Oculus Rift trying to bring VR to gaming

Bendis talks All-New X-men

Marvel has put up a pretty lengthy interview with Brian Michael Bendis about his Marvel NOW launch title All-New X-men, which brings the original X-men forward in time. I’m actually substantially more interested in the book after reading through the interview, especially the stuff about dealing with these early versions of the characters having to deal with what and who they have become. I’m not as fired up about Jean Grey coming back as a lot of people are, in any case. Character resurrection has been a part of comic books for a long time, and it will be for as long as they keep making them, I would guess.

Mobile Assault Vehicle first Alpha released

You may have noticed over the past several weeks that I am thoroughly intrigued with Bombdog Studios’ upcoming mech game Mobile Assault Vehicle. Well, the game has seen a pretty massive patch and has officially gone into Alpha, with access to the game available for $10. This new version adds in a money system (the previous versions just had you selecting weapons all willy-nilly), turrets, defense buildings, and a new Siege game mode (where two teams try to destroy each others’ bases and use the money to buy defenses for their own base) on top of a bunch of other bug fixes and tweaks. You can see the full list and buy the game right over here.

Oculus Rift

This is really an ‘in case you missed it’ sort of thing. I don’t have quite enough to say about it to make a full post, but you can see the potential all over this thing. They already have a ton of backers in the industry, which is pretty amazing, so it’s hard not to be impressed given the who’s who of people in the Kickstarter video. I’ve never been that interested in add-ons for gaming (Kinect and whatnot), but an affordable head-mounted display is something that is absolute fascinating. Check out the Kickstarter.


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