Mercenary Kings from Tribute Games

Mercenary Kings from Tribute Games - A new side-scrolling shooter from the makers of WizorbThis article is about the Kickstarter campaign for Mercenary Kings, a side-scrolling arcade-style shooter. You can go directly there.

You may recall that I wrote about Mercenary Kings way back in June of this year. If you don’t recall that because you don’t remember every single article that you ever read on the internet, the run down of Mercenary Kings from Tribute Games is that it is a side-scrolling shooter that appears to be very much in the vein of the Metal Slug games from the studio that brought you Wizorb, a block-breaker roleplaying game. In any case, even back in June Mercenary Kings looked insanely promising, with really nice looking graphics and some depth in the form of a crafting system that looked very interesting, even if we didn’t have all that much information. Well, we have more information now because Tribute Games has launched a Kickstarter for Mercenary Kings. Mercenary Kings will apparently support between 1 and 4 players and initially be for the PC only, although other platforms may be announced later. The art is, delightfully, from Paul Robertson, the guy that brought you the jaw-dropping animations in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. The stretch goals for Mercenary Kings are pretty ambitious as well, adding a ton of extra content (dozens of levels and some extra bosses are possibilities, as well as more weapons). In any case, Mercanary Kings looks like a very promising game in a genre that, frankly doesn’t see enough love these days. Side-scrolling arcade shooters are some of my favorite games when they are done well. You can pre-order a copy through Kickstarter for $15, which includes the well-regarded Wizorb. You can check out Tribute Games’ web page, as well as the page of Paul Robertson for more information about each of them.

Any one else think this looks sweet? I loved the Scott Pilgrim game and I an pretty convinced Robertson’s art makes everything better. Also glad to see the genre come back. I loved Metal Slug. It just had personality. Much more so than Contra, which I also dug, just not as much. Anyone else have a preference? Talk about it below!

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15. August 2012 by Michael
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