Legends of Andor from Fantasy Flight Games – A co-op adventure game

Legends of Andor board game from Fantasy Flight Games. A cooperative adventure board game for two to four players. Legends of Andor from designer Michael Menzel is a recently-announced cooperative adventure board game from Fantasy Flight Games for two to four players. Apparently it was announced back at Gencon, but I missed it entirely, so it is possible that you may have as well. As expected, Legends of Andor looks quite shiny, with what appears to be (from the quite far-away shot available), a nice, colorful board for you and your friends to do your adventuring on. Legends of Andor will use a legend deck to explain how the plot is moving forward as a marker is moved down a track to show when it is time to reveal a new part of the story. Many adventure boardgames I am familiar with use an ‘adventure book’ of one manner or the next in order to explain the plot, so the use of the plot deck in Legends of Andor certainly looks like an interesting one. The game will include four double-sided hero boards (so, I would guess, eight heroes for the players to choose among), 138 cards, 179 cardboard bits, 14 wooden cubes/discs, a cardboard tower, and 41 plastic stands. It is interesting to see Legends of Andor eschew Fantasy Flight Games’ usually chroming to go with cardboard standees instead of plastic miniatures. It doesn’t bother me in the least, but I’m interested to see if people complain about it. I’m sure they are; it’s the internet! Legends of Andor does not have a release date yet, but will retail for $49.95, which is a nice break from the fact that every board game I’m interested in seems to cost at least $70 (if not $100) these days. If you’d like more information about Fantasy Flight Games’ Legends of Andor, check out the official Legends of Andor web page.

What are your favorite adventure board games? I’ve heard good things about Mage Knight, but I’ve never gotten to play it. I’m definitely looking forward to Mice and Mystics as well. Any other games you’re excited about? Talk about it in the comments! If you’re done checking out Legends of Andor, check out the Related Posts below or go to a random post on Futile Position!

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28. August 2012 by Michael
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  1. Mage Knight looked cool but waaaay too complicated for my level of patience imho

    Currently my favorite fantasy adventure board game is Talisman 4th Ed., though I prefer Arkham Horror if “fantasy horror” is allowed under that description.

    Legends of Andor sounds neat. Reminds me most of Defenders of the Realm, which I’ve heard good things about as a kind of fantasy version of Pandemic.

    Personally, the FFG game I’m most looking forward to is Relic, the Warhammer 40K retheme of Talisman, due out around Christmas.

    • Yeah, now that you mention Arkham Horror, that’s probably my favorite as well. Plus, my wife really loves it, so that’s a perk, too. I tried to play Talisman one, but it was just a complete miss for me for some reason. I’d be interested to try it again and see what I thought the second time. I played the World of Warcraft game back in the day and thought it was pretty good, but not amazing. Yeah, I’ve seen the pictures of Relic. It’s a pretty crazy year for games all around.

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