Harvest #1 Review – Underworld crime and surgery

Short Version: Harvest #1 is a great first issue that sets up the underground surgery operation that disgraced doctor Benjamin Dane unwittingly finds himself to be a part of. If you like dark, gritty, violent stories that are extremely well-written and well-drawn, here you go.

Writer: AJ Lieberman

Artist: Colin Lorimer

The cover of Harvest #1 from Image Comics Harvest #1 from Image Comics is the first issue in a five part series following disgraced doctor Benjamin Dane, an M.D. with a cocaine problem that has lost everything he once had. The good and bad news for Dane, however, comes when an underground criminal organization of one manner or the next needs a new surgeon for its operations. It’s bloody, compelling, fascinating, and by the time Harvest #1 was over, I just wanted to keep reading.

The official blurb for Harvest #1 promises that Dane will want out of the organ harvesting situation he has found himself. I have no doubt that will be true, but the first issue is pretty much all set up. In a good way, mind you. We see the operation that Dane will come to work for, as well as the circumstances that occur that result in them needing to find a new surgeon. Who they are and what their motivations are, however, remain a mystery. We also meet Benjamin Dane who, as we have already discussed, is more than a little down on his luck. It’s a fascinating set up and all extremely well written.I’m usually very cognizant of how much of a comic I have left to read. It’s just something that I do, even when I’m enjoying the coming. However, with Harvest #1, I was so interested that all I had to keep track of was my disappointment when I came to the end. It is a little on the bloody side, but all of that certainly fits the theme and – in the first issue – it is actually not as gratuitous as I expected going in. Lorimer’s art is fantastic. It captures the world pitch-perfectly, with fantastic art and rich coloring setting the tone for the rest of the story.

So there you go, I clearly think Harvest #1 is a freakin’ great book. Things are going to get worse for Benjamin Dane and – if the blurb is to be believed – for the people that hired him. However, what we have here is a great setup with a lot of interesting characters. AJ Lieberman, Colin Lorimer, and Image Comics look like they have a big winner on their hands. Harvest #1 is available now from your local comic book store or from Comixology for $2.99.

What does everyone think if Harvest? What other new comic books are you checking out?

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06. August 2012 by Michael
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