First Impressions: Three things I love about The Last Story (Wii)

The Last Story (Wii) Impressions - The Last Story Wii is a new JRPG / RPG.The Last Story is the Wii’s swan song in many ways, but if that is the case, The Last Story looks to be a good one. I’m only a little way into The Last Story, but already the RPG has me wanting to stay up all night with the Wii burning  the midnight oil. Obviously, I won’t be able to bring you my full thoughts on The Last Story for a while yet, but – for now – enjoy these five things that I love about The Last Story (Wii’s last stand).

1. The Last Story has an interesting combat system – I’ve not even seen all of it yet, I’m sure, but the combat system in The Last Story is pretty great already. You attack enemies by default just by holding the left joystick at them (I am, mercifully, using the Wii Classic Controller, which is supported), but there’s a lot more going on than that. The main character in The Last Story can draw aggro from the enemies, which is important in allowing your other characters to do their jobs, especially your spell caster, who needs a long time to cast. Combat in The Last Story is real-time (like Final Fantasy XII or Xenoblade) but the system has a different feel than either of those games. Boring combat can kill an RPG, but that doesn’t look like it will be a problem for The Last Story.

2. The story is comprehensible, at least at the start – I know I’m not very far into The Last Story, but the story has – thus far – been sensible and well-told, which is a departure from basically every other JRPG ever (and I am a connoisseur and lover of JRPGs). The Last Story follows a band of mercenaries as they try to scrape their way by, but the characters in The Last Story seem detailed and interesting, which is a nice change of pace. Things may devolve later in The Last Story, but even with all the magic and whatnot it seems to be making pretty good sense so far.

3. The Last Story gives you choices – During combat in The Last Story you are sometimes given a choice between, say, trying to take enemies out with a crossbow or magic, which causes the fight to change. It also lets you see the layout of enemies beforehand so you can plan your attack if it makes sense so, for instance, at the beginning of what combat in The Last Story I managed to snipe the enemies’ healer before the fight got underway, making things much easier going forward. I really like the tactical decisions during combat in The Last Story and hope it stays constant throughout the game.

So, those are my first impressions on The Last Story (Wii). Honestly, I’m just glad that it came out in the U.S. at all (it has been out in Europe and Japan for some time). The Last Story certainly looks to be shaping up quite nicely.

What are your favorite video game RPGs of all time? Have you tried The Last Story yet? Talk about it in the comments!

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24. August 2012 by Michael
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