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Edison Rex #2 Review. Edison Rex #2 from Monkeybrain Comics, Chris Roberson, and Dennis Culver.Edison Rex #2 Review Short Version: The Monkeybrain Comics launch has been, for all intents and purposes, a total success and Edison Rex #2 continues that trend. This issue is a substantial step forward from the first issue (which was thoroughly entertaining in its own right) and shows us that becoming a hero in the public’s eye is not going to be as easy as Edison Rex believes it should be. Also, there’s a Nuclear Norseman in this issue that speaks really bad olde English, which really should sell you on this anyway.

Edison Rex #2 Writer: Chris Roberson

Edison Rex #2 Artist: Dennis Culver

Edison Rex #2 Review

In the first issue, Edison Rex – one of the world’s foremost supervillains – had finally rid the world of his arch-nemesis (through a rather clever method) but found himself overtaken by the desire to become the world’s new protector instead of conquering it for himself. In Edison Rex #2, Edison finds his opportunity to prove he is heroic when he finds that the Nuclear Norseman (who is, more or less, exactly what you imagine and has a great design) is making ridiculous demands (although whether or not the Norseman is a legitimate threat is up in the air). In any case, Edison Rex learns in Edison Rex #2 that convincing the world he has long-terrorized he is a hero may take more than simply picking a fight with another villain. It’s a fun, well-written issue that does a lot to build on the promise of the first issue. At the end of the issue (spoilers) it is revealed that Rex is going to be recruited by one manner of organization or the next, although we’re going to have to wait to see what its motives are. I’m also interested to see if Rex’s assistant, who is not wholly behind the idea of hero-in, stands by Rex. At any rate, Edison Rex #2 is only $.99 from ComiXology and is really a no-brainer. It’s a big step forward for the series and I’m pretty excited about where things are headed.

That wraps up my Edison Rex #2 review. Have you checked out any of the Monkeybrain Comics titles? Which ones are your favorites? What books are looking forward to this week? What would you do if you finally got rid of your nemesis? Discuss all that and more below! If you’re done reading about Edison Rex #2, why don’t you check out the Related Posts below, the recent articles in the sidebar, or go to a random post on Futile Position?


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