Darkness Exhumed indie game mashes up 16-bit graphics and survival

Darkness Exhumed indie game from Slowpoke - A take on the survival sandbox.Darkness Exhumed is in early development from TIGSource member Slowpoke, which came about as a result of wanting a game that implemented survival better than Minecraft and is also heavily inspired by Haven and Hearth. Darkness Exhumed will allow players to try and survive while building their base up to protect them against zombies. While players in Darkness Exhumed could only previously click on an item to interact with it in a single way, the developer has recently added a right-click function that allows players to have multiple interactions with the same object (i.e. cutting down a tree, stripping bark, or picking apples).

The idea of character models changing based on different attributes (characters with higher strength being larger, for example) is currently being considered for future development in Darkness Exhumed, as is the addition of turrets, a new pathfinding system, scripted events (such as boss attacks), character customization, and more zombie types. If you would like to know more about Darkness Exhumed, you can check out the page on the Darkness Exhumed game page on IndieDB or the official indie game Web page for the indie game, where there are newly launched Darkness Exhumed forums.Darkness Exhumed is a really ambitious project that could develop into something really fascinating as it develops.

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01. August 2012 by Michael
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