Dungeon Hearts – A unique take on the match-3 RPG

At this point we’re not only intimately familiar with the idea of match three games (think Bejeweled) we have also seen several iterations of the match 3 RPG (or, at least puzzle RPG). However, with that being the case, Dungeon Hearts is not quite like any of the other match 3 RPG iterations that I have seen before. Instead of using a Bejeweled style board as the basis for the combat, Dungeon Hearts uses a ever-scrolling staff (like a musical staff) of colored circles (Each one corresponding to a party member) that you have to watch zooming by and make your matches. Once you make a match in Dungeon Hearts, you get a diamond shape of that same color which you can then use to damage an enemy or destroy upcoming enemy attacks in the same row or column as your attack. There’s a lot of other stuff going on in Dungeon Hearts as well, including the ability to move tokens around the board to line up your attacks and gaining experience in between battles. Of course, the game is still in development and being tweaked, so this isn’t necessarily representative of the final game. Overall, Dungeon Hearts looks extremely promising, even though it is in very early development. The game is presently set for iPad, with Windows and Mac versions to follow later. For more information about Dungeon Hearts, which looks like a unique mixture of roleplaying game and puzzle game, check out the Dungeon Hearts Facebook, the office Cube Roots web page, The dev log, embedded above, is actually a nice bit of old news (being from way back in March of this year), but I missed it the first time around and figured some of you may have as well. Dungeon Hearts looks like it’s coming along quite well, and the developer also has a new video up showing off the environments for Dungeon Hearts.

What do you all think of the Dungeon Hearts dev log embedded above? Any other under-development games you’re excited about? Talk about it below.

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20. August 2012 by Michael
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