DreadBall Kickstarter – A scifi sports boardgame from Mantic Games

DreadBall Kickstarter / DreadBall Mantic Games new Kickstarter featuring sci-fi soccerThe DreadBall Kickstarter from Mantic Games and Jake Thornton is ongoing, so check it out.

DreadBall – Mantic Games’ sci-fi sports board game  from designer Jake Thornton clearly takes some inspiration from Games Workshop’s classic Blood Bowl. And that’s a great thing, because I love Blood Bowl. I actually saw it before it was up on Kickstarter on Thief on the Flats.  Instead of retreading the fantasy theme (which other games have done, which results in a lot of ‘fantasy football, get it?’ jokes), DreadBall takes the sports concept and brings it into the future (read in a booming announcer voice, natch). Still, DreadBall has at least two obvious distinctions from its fantasy brethren besides the sci-fi theme. The first way that DreadBall from Mantic Games stands out is that is uses Action and Event cards instead of simply relying on dice. The great thing about cards is that they can explain what you are supposed to do when you play them (instead of consulting a chart), which I think is a big part of why they have become so popular (charts are daunting to many people).  The other big difference is that DreadBall looks far more soccer inspired, as opposed to the American football/rugby inspiration of many of its predecessor board games (Might just be the round ball, though). That said, the chrome in DreadBall looks fantastic. Seriously, the scuplts look great, the sci-fi board looks very nice, and the paint jobs show me the figures in the kind of stunning condition that I will never get them in. I love the ‘bright and shiny future’ theme for DreadBall, and everything else certainly looks like it is in place for DreadBall to be a very promising game. Given how quickly DreadBall crushed its Kickstarter goal, it looks like a lot of other people agree. The best deal? Probably at the $150.00 level where you get a copy of DreadBall, which includes two teams, plus two additional teams and two star players, which should give you plenty of variety if you, like me, are often the one buying the games. Check out the DreadBall Kickstarter and Mantic Games’ web page for more information.

So, check out the DreadBall Kickstarter from Mantic Games and Jake Thornton and let me know what you think. Are you a fan of ‘fantasy sports’? What do you think of the sculpts? Let me know if the comments section, won’t you?

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25. August 2012 by Michael
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  1. Good preview. I agree with you positive hopes for the game. I have been watching the KickStarter closely. I shall deffo be pledging but part of me is holding off for the gameplay video they should be showing soon!

    • There was a really good discussion from one of the designers on BGG about some gameplay. I understand that rules don’t usually get released for this type of game, but I’m so used to it with other games it’s a little off-putting. As you said, the gameplay video should help.

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