Dragon’s Bard: A new board game from Richard Borg

Dragon's Bard Box ArtIt’s a Kickstarter post about Dragon’s Bard. Go directly to the Kickstarter if you like.

Dragon’s Bard is a new board game from designer Richard Borg (probably best known for designing the Commands and Colors system used in Commands and Colors: Ancients, Battlelore, and Memoir ’44) based on a new series of books from Tracy and Laura Hickman (the series is also titled Dragon’s Bard, the first book is called Eventide) from publisher Albino Dragon. Dragon’s Bard itself is a trick-taking card game (think Tichu, Spades, or Hearts) with variable trump cards (you flip a card at the beginning of each turn to set the trump color) as well as cards that have special abilities (playing a one lets you go first on the following turn regardless of if you won the trick or not). There are also ‘Rumor Tokens’ that give you points at the end of the game if you collect enough of them.The art in Dragon’s Bard is from Shane Tyree and it looks pretty fantastic, I especially dig the nice, rich colors. Dragon’s Bard also comes with a very nice-looking dragon sculpt that you move about the map to determine which pile of tokens you are trying to draw from. Albino Dragon is clearly feeling ambitious with Dragon’s Bard, since they have stretch goals set all the way out to $150,000 (the funding limit for Dragon’s Bard is $10,000), including miniatures for the players, extra art, and an expansion that changes the game from one to four players to one to six. If you would like more information about Dragon’s Bard, you can check out the Kickstarter page or go directly to Albino Dragon’s web site. A copy of Dragon’s Bard costs $50 ($60 with the Kickstarter promo cards) and for $100 you can get Dragon’s Bard along with Albino Dragon’s previous games: Ace of Spies and Genegrafter.

What are your thoughts in Dragon’s Bard? Has anyone checked out the first book? Do you want another trick-taking game? Talk about it below!

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08. August 2012 by Michael
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  1. Thanks a ton for the compliment! My only beef is that whoever this Shawn Tyree guy is, he is stealing my thunder!

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