Comic Books: Punk Rock Jesus #2 Review

Punk Rock Jesus #2 cover by Sean MurphyPunk Rock Jesus #2 Short Version: Punk Rock Jesus #2 continues what is now one of my favorite series on the market. The characters keep getting deeper, the problems get more serious, and the whole thing is really just spot on.

Punk Rock Jesus #2 Story and Art: Sean Murphy

Punk Rock Jesus #2 picks up a while after the first issue left off, with baby Chris a little older (and now, apparently, doing miracles) and the public reaction continuing to intensify. Still, the pressure cooker created by those that want to free Chris and his mother is nothing compared to what is going on inside the J2 compound in Punk Rock Jesus #2. Sean Murphy’s character have some serious depth, as well as some serious problems. In Punk Rock Jesus #2, we continue to learn a lot about Thomas McKael, security for J2, most of all. He’s an interesting, well thought out character with a lot of layers to him, and he has very much been the star of the show up until now. Still, it’s not all McKael in Punk Rock Jesus #2. We also get a glimpse of how Gwen (the mother) is dealing with all of this (Spoiler: poorly), a big development with Dr. Epstein (my guess: probably also going to end poorly), as well as a small sliver of how far producer Rick Slate is willing to go to make J2 successful (as if the end of the first issue wasn’t enough of that). So, after all of that raving about Punk Rock Jesus #2 do I have any criticism to level at it? Some small thing I can pick at? I don’t. Not a blessed thing (Pun intended. Sorry.) I just honestly don’t. Punk Rock Jesus has been way more than I expected it to be, and I had high hopes going into this thing. It’s a great series that looks at why people believe what they believe, why they are who they are, and what ends people will go to in order to do what they believe is right. Punk Rock Jesus #2 is fantastic and I really look forward to seeing where the series goes next. If you’re not reading this, you’re really missing one of the truly great books on the market right now.

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13. August 2012 by Michael
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