Comic Book: Fables #120 Review – Cubs in Toyland Chapter 7

Fables #120 Review - Cubs in Toyland Part 7 from Bill Willingham, Mark Buckingham, and Vertigo Comics.Fables #120 Review Short Version: Fables #120 from  Bill Willingham, Mark Buckingham and Vertigo Comics finds Dare trying to figure out what he needs to do in order to save himself and his system from the island, if it is even possibly. Fables #120 concentrates on Dare after a couple of issues seeing what Therese is doing, and it’s a great chance to see that character grow. At the end, it appears that Dare realizes what is necessary as he deals with the fact that sometimes children must be heroes. 

Fables #120 WriterBill Willingham

Fables #120 Artist: Mark Buckingham

Fables #120 Review

Fables #120 picks back up with Dare struggling on the beach to figure out what he has to do in order to save himself and Therese, both the children of Bigby Wolf and Snow White, from the island of misfit toys they have found themselves on in Cubs in Toyland chapter 7. Dare’s mental state has been questionable since his injury a couple of issues back, but in Fables #120 the cub gains some lucidity, finally coming to grips with the fact that he must be the hero, that his father will not be coming to save him, and doing what needs to be done. Fables #120 is another in a long line of great issues from Willingham and Buckingham, concentrating on Dare grappling with the idea that sometimes children must be heroes as Cubs in Toyland works its way towards its conclusion. There’s a huge cliffhanger at the end of Fables #120, so we’ll have to wait to see how things work out. Fables #120 is available from your local comic book shop right now for $2.99.

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