City of Iron – Steampunk city building card game

City of Iron from Red Raven Games and Ryan LaukatCity of Iron is a new card game from Red Raven Games and Ryan Laukat presently on Kickstarter.

I don’t know that I need to tell you about City of Iron, a currently Kickstarting card/board game from Ryan Laukat and Red Raven Games other than the fact that is a steampunk game with Hogmen and Toad Inventors. Delightful! The art for City of Iron looks pretty great as well, it’s got a nice, colorful feel to it, making for a very light steampunk world. I took a look at the rules for City of Iron as well, and the game proper involves a round of bidding on turn order followed by players choosing from seven actions, ranging from playing a building card on an available spot on one of your cities to playing Citizen/Military cards that have a range of effects. In order to play those cards, however, you have to pay ‘Science’ for some of them, which you can buy for money during your turn, creating a nice little economy. Oh, and you can also attack a neutral towns (which provide bonuses to your cities) as well as attacking the towns of your opponent in City of Iron. The towns give you access to various goods and increasing your income. The combat itself involves discarding enough cards to beat both the defense of the town as well as the distance value of the town. I really like the idea of adding an aggression element to what would otherwise be an efficiency building game. Players amass victory points as the game goes on in City of Iron and, at the end of the game, players also receive points for having the most in one of several categories. Overall, City of Iron looks very promising. If you want more information on City of Iron check out the Kickstarter, Red Raven Games, and the rule book.

What does everyone think? I like the steam punk theme and the art, personally. Are you a steampunk fan or do you think it is over used? Talk about it below!

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16. August 2012 by Michael
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