Board Game – DungeonCraft: Dungeon builder vs heroes

DungeonCraft - The Game of Dungeon Creation from Aaron KreaderDungeonCraft is currently on Kickstarter from C. Aaron Kreader. Check it out.

DungeonCraft is an upcoming board game from C. Aaron Kreader for two to four players where one player constructs a dungeon from 16 dungeon cards and the other one to three players try to make their way through the dungeon to the treasure room. Still, in DungeonCraft that does not appear to be a very easy thing to do. The initial dungeon in DungeonCraft is built at the outset of the game by one player who, from what I can tell, places the cards face down. The other players then use actions to try and make their way through the cards, earning points by making their way successfully through rooms, while the Guardian (the player who controls the dungeon) gets points by capturing adventurers, taking their gear, and keeping the dungeon unexplored by building new areas onto the dungeon and using effects that slow the heroes’ progress. There are four types of rooms in DungeonCraft and each hero is suited to overcoming one of the room types, so the Guardian has to try and build the dungeon in the way that causes the maximum challenge to the players as they try to make their way through the dungeon. The heroes win if they can find the Treasure Room (which is hidden somewhere in the dungeon). It looks like at least some of the effects in DungeonCraft are cards played on top of rooms that allow the Guardian to do things like swapping two rooms (helpful for trying to get heroes off the trail of the Treasure Room or to put a tougher room in place of one that a hero is well suited to handle). DungeonCraft is not slated to come out until August of 2013, but it is currently raising funds on Kickstarter right now. What do you think? Look interesting? I like the whole hidden dungeon mechanic.

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