SolForge – A new digital TCG from Richard Garfield and the creators of the Ascension card game

SolForge is a new digital trading card game  that looks very promising. Mind you, I don’t usually get that excited about digital trading card games (digital versions of regular card games are quite another story). However, the pedigree of the people working on Gary Games’ upcoming digital trading card game SolForge is really just too good to ignore. Who is it? Oh, SolForge is just made by the people that made Ascension, the popular deck-building card game in both physical and iOS form, and some guy named Richard Garfield who may have been involved in the design of too many popular trading card games to count, including Magic: The Gathering.  The art in SolForge is top-notch as well, from what they show over on the Kickstarter page. SolForge‘s gameplay doesn’t sound too shabby, either, with the promise of cards that level up (like a dragon egg that turns into a dragon after gaining a couple of levels). That may be doable in physical card game form, but it is certainly a mechanic that works much better in digital format. While that mechanic in SolForge is interesting, the gameplay promises to be streamlined for mobile gamers: on each turn of the game, players play two of their five cards and then discard the remaining cards, drawing an entirely new hand the next turn. How this bears out is up in the air. I’m interested to see how SolForge achieves deep strategy without resource management, but the design team gives me hope that it is possible, given their success prior to the SolForge Kickstarter. SolForge will be freemium and will include a single player campaign as well as multiplayer options. If you are interested, you can check out the SolForge Kickstarter to get access to the Beta or pre-order a starter deck.

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02. August 2012 by Michael
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