American Vampire 30 Review – Snyder, Albuquerque and Vertigo Comics

American Vampire 30 Review. American Vampire 30 from Scott Snyder, Rafael Albuquerque, and Vertigo Comics.American Vampire 30 Review Short Version: American Vampire 30 is a much more subdued issue in comparison with the one that led up to it. Instead of a frantic bloodbath (there’s a little of that, but not much), American Vampire 30 is a much more personal piece looking at Pearl’s past and her continued struggles with Henry’s condition which has put her in a very fragile mind-space. There’s a kicker at the end of American Vampire 30, as well. It’s a great issue with a little bit of everything, some character building, some action, and a big wrench in the plans. 

American Vampire 30 Writer: Scott Snyder

American Vampire 30 Artist: Rafael Albuquerque 

American Vampire 30 picks up by giving us some background on Pearl and Henry’s relationship, showing the sincerity of it. Trust me when I say that there is a payoff on that later in the issue that makes the end have a lot more impact. American Vampire 30 has a very nice arc to it, starting with some character building for Pearl and Henry, as mentioned, moving on to some action that shows that no one does violent, messy, frantic action quite like Albuquerque, and then ends on a payoff built on the initial tone of Pearl and Henry’s relationship, although not necessarily the payoff you might expect. We also see how it looks like Skinner is undermining Pearl and the truth is that is is far more nefarious than anything that I had previously guessed.

So, have you been reading American Vampire? What do you think about Skinner’s return? What other books are you reading? Talk about it in the comments! If you’re done checking out the American Vampire 30 review, why don’t you look at the Related Posts below, the Recent Posts in the sidebar, or go to a random post on Futile Position!

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