‘Airborne in Your Pocket’ from Emmanuel Aquin and Valley Games – Portable War

Airborne in Your Pocket is an upcoming wargame meant to fit in your pocket, a daunting design task if I’ve ever heard one. Designer Emmaneul Aquin and Valley Games, Inc., have already had tremendous success with their previous D-Day Dice Kickstarter, which reached over 1,300 percent of its funding goal. So, it should come as no surprise that they have brough Aquin’s next design, Airborne in Your Pocket to the service. The game, which plays in approximately 10 minutes, is a light war game that supports up to four players, as well as solo play. While the game started life as a print-and-play game, Aquin explained that Airborne in Your Pocket has changed a lot since his initial design. “The game has evolved a lot!” explained Aquin, “As this was my very first foray in game design, I had a lot to learn. Every expansion I published (for the [print and play] version) helped me fine-tune the game (in my mind, anyway), and gave me confidence as a designer. Those expansions added lots of content to the game, yes, but also some new mechanics.” However, once Valley Games expressed interest in publishing Airborne in Your Pocket, Aquin said, he had to “rethink” the game to broaden its appeal, develop multiplayer rules, as well as to apply what he had learned from publishing D-Day Dice.

Aquin expressed that getting to design games professionally has been a dream come true, with Valley Games allowing him to be involved in every aspect of the game design. As for the reception of D-Day Dice: “Spectacular to say the least! I never imagined in a million years it would have this kind of reception. The fans have been amazing, and the critical reaction is incredible. I am a very lucky guy!” Aquin explained that he felt players would enjoy Airborne in Your Pocket because of its “short playing time, the simple gameplay, and the thrill of overcoming the odds.” “To me,” Aquin added, “the game is like a dungeon crawler set in [World War II].”

Airborne in Your Pocket is up for funding right now on the Airborne in Your Pocket Kickstarter and you can also check the official Valley Games page. You can also check out the Airborne in Your Pocket rules if you want to see how Airborne in Your Pocket plays. Aquin said that there are more announcements to come regarding Airborne in Your Pocket as well as the first expansion for D-Day Dice coming this fall and “Valley Games will also reprint a classic WW2 game for which I am writing a small expansion, so the future looks a lot like 1944!”

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01. August 2012 by Michael
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