Aesop’s Ark #2 Review – The Wolf and The Crane

The cover of Aesop's Ark #2 from J. Torres, Jennifer L. Meyer, and Monkeybrain ComicsShort Version: Aesop’s Ark #2 is the second issue in the series where animals on the ark take turns telling each other fables, usually relating to a trouble being suffered by the animals on the ark itself. Beautifully drawn, the art in this one is just stunning.

Writer: J. Torres

Artist: Jennifer L. Meyer

Aesop’s Ark #2 from Monkeybrain Comics finds the animals of the Happily Ever Rafters Storytellers Society upset when one of the members brings a large, predatory owl to the society meeting and it turns out that it might be the smaller animals that need a lesson in etiquette. The fable covered here is the wolf and the crane and it is just as beautifully illustrated as the previous issue. The fable itself is (spoilers) inverted insofar as the moral of the story is that you cannot expect a reward when you do something nice for a bad person, but an extra moral is added that you also shouldn’t be quite so fast to judge who is or isn’t bad. The main story (the Rafters) is done in gorgeous, detailed pencil sketches of the animals, which have loads of personality, and the fable is done in a beautifully painted style with a muted palette. I’m telling you the truth when I say there may be few more beautiful to look at books on the market right now than Aesop’s Ark. The story is well-written and easy to follow, with the in a light-hearted tone that is well-matched to the morality plays found within. If you’ve got children, there isn’t a better way to show them Aesop’s Fables than Aesop’s Ark, with it’s lovely illustrations and the additional level of showing them how the story might actually be applied in real life, and perhaps not in the most ‘on the nose’ way possible. Aesop’s Ark #2 is available right now exclusively from Comixology for $.99.

Who else is reading Aesop’s a Ark? What are your thoughts? What is your favorite art in a comic book right now.

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08. August 2012 by Michael
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