13th Age RPG Expansion Announced: 13 True Ways

13 True Ways is the upcoming expansion for the 13th Age RPG from Pelgrane Press, Rob Heinsoo, and Jonathan Tweet13 True Ways – The Expansion for the 13th Age RPG is currently on Kickstarter.

13 True Ways  is the recently announced expansion for 13th Age, the upcoming tabletop roleplaying game from Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet published by Pelgrane Press, has already built a fair amount of momentum even in its pre-release stage. The game, which is built around how Heinsoo and Tweet like to run their own games. 13th Age is built on the d20 system and is meant to serve as either a stand-alone game or as a list of possible rules to be added to any other d20 game, such as on-the-fly monster creation, a background system (so if you have the background ‘medic’ you are just assumed to have skills a medic would have), and mook rules.

In any case, although 13th Age has not been released yet (it is currently in playtesting and is scheduled for release in Fall 2012), Heinsoo, Tweet, and Pelgrane Press have turned to Kickstarter for the game’s first expansion: 13th Age: 13 True Ways13 True Ways adds a bunch of different rules to the as-yet-unreleased game, including multi-classing, dragon-riding, summoning rules, a bunch of information about the setting of 13th Age, and new monsters and pre-built dungeons for GMs. All-in-all, 13 True Ways  looks to be a pretty massive expansion to 13th Age. If you would like to know more about the 13th Age RPG check out the official page as well as the Kickstarter campaign for 13 True Ways13th Age is currently up for preorder from Pelgrane Press for $44.95/£29.95, including a PDF copy and will give you access to the playtest.

What do you all think? Are you interested in 13th Age and 13 True Ways? Are you still interested in d20 games? Roll for initiative in the comments.

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18. August 2012 by Michael
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  1. Yes, yes and yes. This game pushes all my buttons, in the right ways. There’s a lot of talk about the mechanics (understandably) but I love the setting stuff to death. I swoon at the freedom and creativity the authors have allowed themselves. Frankly, they’d never have gotten away with releasing this under WotCs banner.

    • I definitely like the idea of just saying ‘here’s a bunch of cool stuff, now make your game awesome.’ It seems like a really good way to make a satisfying game. I definitely like the way this is looking.

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