X-Wing Miniatures Game from Fantasy Flight Games – A bunch of new details

Yep, that’s a game box. Nice enough
cover art, though.

Fantasy Flight Games has put up a gameplay preview of its upcoming Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game which, as you might have guessed, allows you to use miniature X-Wings to fight miniature Tie Fighters. While no rules have been posted for the game yet, we knew that it worked on a system similar to the one used in Wings of War.

In lieu of Wings of War’s stack of cards, X-Wing will use a dial that allows you to select from any of the four available maneuvers on any given turn. Each maneuver also has its own speed, which means that you might have a low speed straight maneuver and a high speed turn (or vice versa).  You then execute the actions (which are hidden from your opponent) in the order of pilot skill, so a ship with a more skilled pilot will get to move later in the turn order. The game will apparently include maneuver tracks which will show you the path you move for each available maneuver. It seems like you might need a lot of those tracks, depending on how many maneuvers there are. Even if there are only eight (one long and one short of each of the four maneuvers, which I am totally making up) that means you will need eight tracks, which seems a little fiddly. Each ship may then perform one of the actions listed on the pilot’s card for that ship, from sharp turns to targeting to barrel rolls.

After all the maneuvers, the ships fire at each ship within their range and firing arc. The picture indicates that there is a range ruler that breaks range into three different areas (Short medium and long), which modify the ship’s attack value. There are at least two different kinds of dice: red attack dice and green defense dice. The attack rolls the attack dice and the defender rolls its Agility value in green dice (natch). Regular hits are tracked with face down damage cards while critical hits (dictated by a special picture on the attack dice) cause the damage card to flip over, revealing a detrimental affect to the defending pilot.

So there you go, a brief overview of X-Wing Miniatures Game based on what I could glean from FFG’s recent blog post. I like the special abilities for the various pilots in the game, but I will say that the theme of the game doesn’t allow for quite the unit variety (in appearance) that, say WWI does. Still, I can’t say I’m not at least interested. Check out the official page if you would like more information on the game, which is expected to be released sometime in the third quarter of this year (Read: Any time now). Hopefully we’ll have full rules to go over soon, but this post certainly gives us a good look at how the game will play.

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