.@WizKidsGames and MFV try to relaunch Mage Knight as an online game

For those of you that don’t know, Mage Knight was the forebearer of Heroclix, the popular superhero-themed collectible miniatures game previously manufactured by WizKids and currently made by NECA. Mage Knight used the same clickable dials as HeroClix, although the early versions opted for the old tape measure movement method from previous miniatures game like Warhammer, instead of the grid maps used in Heroclix. The game only ran about six years, from 2000 until 2005, but the brand was recently resurrected as an extraordianrily well-received board game. Following that success, WizKids and their sister company MFV are looking to make an online iteration of Mage Knight with the bait of creating more miniatures if it is successful (and creating 16 miniatures for the Kickstarter campaign). Still, the campaign has a lofty goal ($700,000.00), so we’re going to find out how many people still love Mage Knight. MFV made HeroClix online which initially met strong resistance as a result of its rather draconian pricing scheme, which resulted in a pricing change earlier this year, so at least it is clear that the company listens to feedback. The example sculpt shown in the video is also pretty awesome looking. You can get more information over on the Kickstarter page, if you’re interested.

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02. July 2012 by Michael
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