Wicked Crush is a PC MetroidVania game with style from @BillyMonks

You know what drives me nuts? When someone tells me they want to Kickstart a video game but then don’t show me anything that would lead me to believe that they can actually make a video game. Seriously, no money for you. Luckily, this is not the case for Billy Monks’ Wicked Crush. It’s got a really neat mechanic where players create areas which are then loaded onto all of the other players’ games (think Spore or Little Big Planet, to a certain extent). The creator of the level gets a small reward if players complete their level, but they get an even higher reward if players die in their created levels. I am curious how they are going to address people creating impossible levels or if some sort of rating system will be used to ensure the levels aren’t just absolutely ridiculous. The creator does promise that the game will group levels into ‘tiers’ that will limit the number of enemies and traps that may be used in a level, and I could definitely see some very clever (and devious) uses if the community takes off. They provided a lot of gameplay, and it is – at least – very, very pretty. I mean, seriously nice looking stuff. A little like a less frantic Odin Sphere (although not on a sphere, I admit). You can skill to about 1:11 in the video above if you want to see the game in action. It’s also not immediately clear how deep the combat will be or how much variety there is, although the Kickstarter promises abilities that unlock as you go deeper into the game and a village where you can update equipment, so they certainly appear to have their bases covered. A copy of Wicked Crush is $10 through the Kickstarter, if you’d like to check it out. Did I mention how pretty it is?

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17. July 2012 by Michael
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