Wanderlust: Rebirth coming to Steam 7/27 from @YetiTrunk and Chucklefish, devs of @StarboundGame and Terraria

Wanderlust: Rebirth from Yeti Trunk is a four-player action-RPG with some sweet SNES-style graphics that actually originally came out at the end of 2011. Chucklefish, the developers of the upcoming Starbound and its predecessor Terraria (which I played so hard for quite a while, logging 27 hours according to Steam, which is a lot for me) have announced that they will be releasing the game on Steam on July 27, 2012, as a way for fans to help Chucklefish fund Starbound, since the devs have expressed reluctance to going the crowd-funding route. The game boasts four characters, three different endings, 44 enemies, crafting, and 15 boss battles, which certainly sounds like a lot of content. It’s also rather pretty, so there’s that. In any case, if you’d like to help fund Starbound‘s development, you can do it by buying a copy of Wanderlust: Rebirth on Steam starting next Saturday. You can get more information on Wanderlust over on its official page. The same is true of Starbound 

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23. July 2012 by Michael
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