Two Brothers from @AckkStudios looks better than a Gameboy-inspired game has any right to

Two Brothers from Ackk Studios is an upcoming original Gameboy-inspired action-RPG that came to be after the developer started doing mock ups of the game that he later realized he wanted to make. The developer describes the gameplay by saying that “I wanted to stay true to a game that felt as if it could have existed on the system, although I wasn’t meticulous about what could actually be done by the hardware as this is a PC game… Lufia 2 was a big inspiration for me, although it wasn’t on the Gameboy. I loved how the game felt like Zelda outside of combat, but had a great leveling system, and lots of story driven content. The combat is real time, with a system that allows for various weapons. It is very much the bastard child of Lufia 2/Wild arms/and Links Awakening. Although the game contains no leveling up system, it still very much feels like an action RPG, as everything else fits in the the category.” Looking at the trailer found above, you can certainly see that a lot of care has gone into making Two Brothers. The graphics are great (but really do look almost too nice for a Gameboy game), the music is spot-on, as are the sound effects. It’s hard to tell how a game actually plays from a video, but you can definitely see the Link’s Awakening influence in there. The game is presently listed as 50 percent complete, with the developer concentrating on polishing the game and adding more areas to explore that are not part of the main story. You might also notice the text box that stays at the bottom of the screen, since NPCs can talk even while you are in combat. Check out the devlog for more information on Two Brothers.

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18. July 2012 by Michael
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