The Cartoon Art of Mike Deodato, Jr, (@MikeDeodato) – Marvel artist Kickstarting cartooning book

Mike Deodato, Jr., is an insanely accomplished comic book artist. If you read comics, even if you don’t know Deodato you have probably seen his art. He has drawn basically every major Marvel character at some point or another (Hulk, Spider-Man, New Avengers, Thor, Wolverine, X-men, Moonknight, and Captain America all make the list). However, Deodato is now trying to do a more personal project – cartoons, which he describes as a little in the art style of Calvin and Hobbes (perhaps my favorite anything of all time). He really is an extremely talented cartoonist (you can check out the video above, which contains some examples. Deodato has turned to Kickstarter ($10 for a PDF copy, $25 for a physical copy) to make his book, which will be in an 11″ x 8.5″ wide-format, although there is no information as to how long the book will be. You definitely get a sense that this is a passion-project for Deodato and the stuff he is showing over on the Kickstarter definitely shows a talent for cartooning. If you want to see more of Deodato’s art, you can also check out his Deviant Art page

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24. July 2012 by Michael
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