Superman Man of Steel teaser trailer, first Wasteland 2 image

The Man of Steel teaser trailer is very short, but awesome

This is reall an in-case-you-missed-it thing, but one of the two trailers for Zack Snyder and Chris Nolan’s Man of Steel Superman reboot is embedded above (the other one is the same trailer, but with Kevin Costner’s Pa Kent (edit: I originally put that it was Cavil narrating for some weird reason) narrating, I went with the Russell Crowe version). The film, which is due out next year, certainly looks promising from what we have to go on here. I like how they didn’t just discard the tone of the old films, with Crowe’s narration certainly evoking the Richard Donner movies. We’ll have to wait until 2013 to see if it does Superman justice. 
First Wasteland 2 image posted

The first screenshot of Wasteland 2 from the game’s Kickstarter page. Digging the color palette.
You may remember that inXile set some records back a few months ago when it it did a Kickstarter for Wasteland 2, the much-belated follow-up to the fan-favorite post-apocalyptic video game from 1988, which I assume was a real year in human history, believe it or not. In any case, the game is in the process of becoming a game and inXile has posted the first progress screenshot. It has a suitably brown color palette going on, and the world certainly looks like a wasteland. We can’t extrapolate too much from a single shot, but I like the camera angle (if that is even what they end up going with) and it is definitely a promising first shot. Still, Wasteland 2 has a long way to go before it becomes a finished game, but you can follow along on the Kickstarter updates page or on the inXile blog

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