‘Shardlands’ – Action/puzzler gameplay trailer, Fate Core RPG team expanded, New TMNT show trailer

Shardlands gameplay footage

Shardlands is a very nice looking action/puzzler from Breach Entertainment which will apparently be coming to the Apple App store sometime in the future. For now you can enjoy this footage of the main character avoiding monsters and running over fiery grates while collecting orbs. It appears that you can telekinetically move platforms about to make paths and that some of the floors will crumble beneath you as soon as you step on them. We also see the little touch singles that indicate that you will move the character by tapping the part of the screen where you want your character to move. In any case, I’m definitely intrigued. You can check out the official page for more information.

[Source: Indie Game Magazine]

Fate Core team gets expanded

Two people have been handling the work of adapting Evil Hat Games’ popular Fate system into a new core book that will provide the central rules for the system appropriately called Fate Core. Until now, that is. Brian Engard (co-writer of Bulldogs!, a Fate-based game from Galileo Press currently up for an ENnie) and Mike Olsen (Runner of the Spirit of the Blank blog, and designer of the upcoming Atomic Robo RPG and Kerberos Club Fate Edition) will be joining the writing team and Jeremy Keller will be editing. That’s a lot of talent added to the Fate Core book and – hopefully – it will help the book get to us all the sooner (while ensuring that it will be the best it can be). Fate is an extremely versatile system and I’m really intrigued to see the next iteration of the system.

[Source: Evil Hat]

ICYMI: New Nickelodeon’s Ninja Turtles trailer

Finally, we’ve got the new trailer for Nickelodeon’s upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I’d say that it is zany, but Ninja Turtles has always been a little zany, so I guess that goes without saying. Still, they certainly seem to have turned the wackiness up a notch or two in making the Turtles relevant to a new generation. The show is set to start on Nick on September 29, 2012.

[Source: IGN]

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