Rotted Capes brings super heroes versus zombies to the RPG realm from Paradigm Concepts

If you ever wanted to play a Marvel Zombies RPG but were bummed that your favorite roleplaying game didn’t have out-of-the-box support for, well, zombies, then Paradigm Concepts may have the answer for you. Rotted Capes [Kickstarter] is a roleplaying game set in a world where all of the A-list superheroes are dead, missing, or zombies and it is up to you, a lowly B-list hero, to stand off against the hordes of super-powered zombies. The system for the game is based off of a previous released from Paradigm Concepts called Arcanis: The World of Shattered Empires, which I am not familiar with. For a very thorough look at how Arcanis works, you can check out this blog entry from DocStout over at What’s Next? – The Unemployed Geek. As an overview, you roll two d10s to do an action, plus a die based on your attributes or the equipment you are using (rated from d4 to d12), with dice being re-rolled if you roll the highest number on that die. Attributes also have passive levels that are used when you are not actively using a skill, but it would be applicable (DocStout’s example is perception). One of the more interesting concepts is that of the combat “clock” which goes from 1 to 12, with initiative being rolled at the beginning of the turn and then characters taking up actions that take up ‘ticks’ on the clock (so you can take a lot of fast actions, or a very big one). It’s a very crunchy mechanic, but I dig it. Still, it’s not clear what parts of the system survive (sorry) into Rotted Capes. The Kickstarter does mention that the game will have Plot Points, which will allow you to alter the plot in some ways (a mechanic that is almost as accepted as dice at this point in modern RPGs).  The designers also mention the ability to adjust the tone of the game for grittier or more heroic takes. Oh, and the art’s freakin’ sweet. Check out the Kickstarter or Paradigm Concepts’ official page for more information about Rotted Capes.

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27. July 2012 by Michael
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